Coffee Co-Lab #1

Collaboration with Vigilante Coffee, Limited Release

More about the Partnership

The inspiration for Coffee Co-Lab #1 is the natural-processed Ethiopian coffee called Hachira, roasted locally at Vigilante Coffee Company. This bean is known for it's fruit-forward, floral qualities, flavors that come from a specific method of harvest where each bean's cascara fruit is left to dry on the bean and partially remains there throughout the roasting process. 

We chose to pair it with a Belgian Singel. The fruit and spice from the Belgian yeast compliment and accentuate the bean's natural flavors, and the lightly roasted coffee smoothly integrates into this light-bodied beer.

There's enough coffee on the nose to wake you up, followed by cherry, elderberry and coffee flavors, deceptively layered within a refreshing, golden-colored beer. 

4.4% ABV | 18 IBUs

Color: Gold

Aroma/Tasting Notes: Coffee, Elderberry, Cherry

Calvert Brewing Company
15850 Commerce Ct. Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
Phone: 2402454609